Our Vision, Mission and Corporate Values

Vision Statement

Our aim is to be known for:

  • developing high quality outcomes through the application of teamwork, expert knowledge and experience;
  • innovative strategies to improve quality and reduce costs; and
  • winning new clients and fostering productive long term client relationships.

Mission Statement

iPilot’s Mission is to create win-win relationships with clients enabling us all to build and maintain sustainable, profitable businesses.

iPilot is committed to meeting clients' expectations through:

  • understanding the needs and requirements of our clients;
  • developing and empowering of our employees to do what is commercially and technically needed to satisfy the client;
  • continuously improving our products and processes based upon measurable objectives;
  • providing the highest quality products and services that yield a long-term benefit to our clients;
  • striving to meet, or exceed, our clients' needs at every opportunity;
  • being a technically superior and innovative company that fosters an atmosphere for continuous improvement;
  • promoting a safe working environment where our team members can develop their capabilities and grow through education and skill development; and
  • building trust in our business relationships by placing the highest valve on personal and corporate integrity.

Corporate Values

Safety Performance

Through diligent planning and involvement of all project personnel, ensure incident free product delivery


Through teamwork and the development of our personnel iPilot will achieve operational excellence in the essential aspects of our business.


With an appreciation that the sum is greater than the parts, Ipilot is committed to client and stakeholder engagement.


Through actively seeking advancement in technology and product performance.


Through understanding our customers’ needs and expectations we are continually improving products and service.


Through participation and involvement, we seek to provide support to the stakeholder communities with whom iPilot interacts.


Through awareness and appropriate management and containment, eliminate pollution of the environment.