Company Profile

iPilot has a single founder, who along with complementary skills of the executive team, brings to iPilot operations a diverse and developed capability arising from many years of working with major companies in delivering projects, services and products


iPilot was founded on the principles of:

  • providing a source for alternative cost-effective solutions for the benefits of clients;
  • applying technical and commercial skills of a multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural project delivery team;
  • leveraging market-leading technologies and products to secure operational efficiencies and cost savings; and
  • partnering with clients to source high-quality strategic assets and technologies while seeking opportunities for Australian industry participation across the value chain. 

Proven Sourcing, Procurement and Delivery Experience

At iPilot we build our business on:

  • an agile team
  • responsiveness
  • flexibility
  • long-term relationships
  • cost effective solutions
  • security of supply
  • on-ground presence at client location


Our team has a proven track record in:

  • EPC, EPCM and asset owner operations, with an emphasis on engineering, fabrication, construction and maintenance across a range of sectors;
  • technology solutions to advance business processes and efficiencies;
  • manufacturing, procurement, supply chain and project logistics; and
  • multilingual contract negotiations and documentation.


We have the expertise to offer a range of maintenance and construction management services to install and commission sourced product.


Our management and delivery team has many years’ experience in business in the Asia Pacific, developing productive long-term relationships with international manufacturers and suppliers.  


We aim to ensure the reliability of supply, reduce risk profiles and achieve upside for all parties.

HSE Commitments

iPilot is committed to zero-harm and is focused on providing a safe work environment, consistent with its Health and Safety and Environmental policies, to make sure everyone gets home safely every day.


We are committed to the health and safety of all persons involved in all stages of our operations, and all stages of client engagement, whether involving employees, suppliers, contractors, sub-contractors, consultants or client personnel.