AI-BOTIX© smart robot will initially have a range of monitoring and reporting services, including:

  • “Patient-specific” status including facial recognition and identity verification. Human pose detection such as sitting or lying positions, and importantly any ‘abnormal’ positions such as slumping or lying on the ground.
  • Room condition metrics.
  • Noise, including alarms, crying, and other unusual sounds of concern.

There is significant research and product development taking place around the aged care robot that has the potential to revolutionise how the elderly and vulnerable are monitored, managed and cared for.  Examples of products and functions under development include:

  • The robots of the future will be designed to respond to the resident’s verbal and physical behaviour and in doing so, maintain and improve their cognitive awareness, and building trust and calmness when staff or family aren’t present.
  • AI-BOTIX© smart robot will use machine learning, and computer vision to enable proactive suggestions, entertainment and activities in addition to wellness and environmental monitoring. For example, the robot can remind human companions to take their medicines, arrange taxis cabs, remind them about appointments and prompt suggestions relevant to their current schedule.
  • Care robots can help caregivers check on a patient’s daily activities such as whether they have taken their medication or added specific requests for caregivers. Other goals include tasking a carer robot to keep track of user-behaviour like sleep timing or routines and to alert caregivers in case of irregularities in these patterns.

The impact of the ongoing development and refinement of AI-based, machine learning carer robots has the potential to revolutionise aged and other forms of human care delivery.  A myriad of developments and enhancements can be envisioned and developed.  The benefits can range from functional, economic, social, reduced emergency response times, efficiency and enhanced quality of life for patients.

iPilot Group believes that not only will there will be extraordinary developments with significant benefits to the aged and other forms of human care delivery, but also that industry will drive down costs to facilitate uptake.